The Shopping Centre Council of Australia represents investors in, and managers of, shopping centres. As such we also represent the interests of around nine million Australians who have an investment in retail property through their superannuation, life insurance, managed funds, real estate investment trusts, syndicates and shareholdings.

Our mission is to be an effective advocate for these investors and managers and to promote a better understanding of the significant contribution that shopping centres make to economic growth – through employment, retail sales, investment returns and as a platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

The focus of our advocacy is any regulation which affects shopping centres such as legislation governing retail leasing, retail property management, retail trading hours, land use planning and building standards.

Our objective is to achieve a regulatory environment that enables shopping centres to grow and expand, to operate efficiently, and to provide greater certainty for investment decisions on shopping centre developments and redevelopments. In doing so we are helping our investors secure their retirement and helping create jobs both directly in our member companies and in the many thousands of large, medium and small retail businesses that have a home in our members’ centres.

We will seek to encourage industry best practice, recognising that the foundation of a successful shopping centre is a strong relationship between, on the one hand, the owner and manager of the shopping centre and, on the other hand, the retailers who comprise the centre.

We also acknowledge the vital role shopping centres play in the social life of the communities they serve – including providing a safe, convenient and pleasant environment for shoppers to visit and enjoy – and we pledge to continue to support our member companies in this role.